Turtle Creek is a boutique summer tourist destination on Manitoulin Island, Canada. Six full-featured cabins and the main lodge are nestled along 1400 feet of frontage on the shores of Lake Manitou, and this renowned resort has been attracting loyal guests year after year. It’s easy to see why. 


Turtle Creek is the fruit of 33 years of labour and love by Jack and Joyce Varieur, and while this place shows all the effort, skill, creativity and craftsmanship that’s behind exceptional destinations everywhere, there’s more to Turtle Creek than meets the eye. What really makes this place special is the lifelong connection Jack and Joyce have created with so many of their guests. 


“We’ve always wanted the Turtle Creek experience to be a refreshing, quiet haven from the world”, explains Joyce. “and we’re pleased how often guests tell us they like it this way.”

550 East Road

Central Manitoulin, ON

P0P 2C0

(888) 377-4072